Bike MS

We’ve known my mother has been living with MS since 1994. I wish there was something I could do to hep her feel better. Bike MS is something I can do. When I struggle riding or trying to get donations I just think about how much harder it is for her to do the simplest things on a daily basis that I take for granted.

The MS society has helped us a lot over the years and I stand behind everything it does and how it operates. I appreciate the perfect balance the society has between local support and research funding. We’ve seen a lot of progress in research over the years, and I know the MS Society and the combined efforts of my family and friends have contributed to that. I’ve seen my mother personally benefit from what local chapters provide.  Even I have benefited from the help local chapters offer. It’s a cause I would support even if my mom didn’t have MS.

When I did my first ride in 2002, it was the farthest I had ever ridden before. . I weighed 200 pounds and finished each day in about 12 hours. I did it on an old mountain bike and street clothes. Bike MS changed my life. Now I weigh 140 pounds, ride 3500 miles a year and finish each day in about 6 hours. I ride to work 4 days a week, year-round, and participate in other bike fundraisers, too. Now I don the full getup; padded short, clip less shoes, gloves- the works. None of it would have happened without Bike MS.


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