Holly Plate with Berries


I made this holiday-themed plate in 2017 at an ornament class at Pratt Glass. The instructor worried that the red pellets I used to make the berries wouldn’t show up against the red background. I felt sure that they would show up, but considered her suggestion since she has way more experience with the glass than I do. I decided to add a few pieces of darker pellets, knowing that they would show up no matter what. It turned out that the red showed up exactly as I imagined it would, and the black ended up looking like old or dead berries. Let this be a lesson to always trust your instincts, especially when it comes to art. The plate looks fine finished, but it would have looked fine also without any berries at all. IMG_20171209_094011.jpgIMG_20171216_161612.jpgIMG_20171209_094019.jpgIMG_20171202_142904.jpg

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